Anime Isn't Dead

Anime director Yutaka “Yamakan” Yamamoto has declared in a interview anime is dead, yes you heard it stop watching all your anime and return back to humanity at once, switch off your televisions because apparently we have been watching corpses fight on our screens and not the fun corpse fighting that we watch on the walking.


He went on to say the world of anime is changing and it is no longer what is was when he entered the industry. He is right anime is changing but that doesn’t mean that’s bad, it can be said that now everyone can enjoy anime not just the Japanese or people who enjoy the culture.

From titles such as One Punch Man, School Live, Attack On Titan, you don’t need to understand the entirety of Japanse culture to laugh at the jokes, feel sad and look at the naked titans and ask yourself is that Titan hot or not. These can be enjoyed by everyone no matter where they are from or whom they are.

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I have found that people who have been in the anime industry for an excessive amount of time can feel that anime has morphed into some grotesque monster that is filled with moe shit, with Hayao Miyazaki who I consider the greatest story teller of all time using the medium of animation went onto say that “Anime was a mistake,” I find with people like this they are similar to a frog that has been placed in a jar of water and someone decided to heat it up, the world is changing for the better but they are just stuck in the jar slowly dying as they cannot feel the water heating up as it tries to kill them, as people around them see them dying in the water but they refuse help to get out the jar and see the world, so they die.

With international investors and viewers, with some of the animators on anime not being even Japanese the face of anime is morphing, evolving, changing from the usual formula we see to being a more inclusive face with creative ideas that has masterful story telling. The definitions such as Anime and Otaku no longer have the same meaning as before and that’s something that should be rejoiced over because if you do not go forward, if you do not try different ideas, what remains is a stagnate mess.

Porter Robinsons Shelter has shown that even though he is not Japanese music video he made can be classified as anime  because of the art style and entire tone of the story telling, not because of who created it or where it was made. Many people have disagreed with this for when he posted his video on reddit it was taken down because the creation was not technically “not anime,” the video was put back up again when there was a public outcry that this wasn’t anime.

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As time moves forward it can assuredly said that anime isn’t dead it’s just evolving, some people can see this face of this new ingenuity accompanied with expanding ideals on how things are done and made, but others can only see how things are no longer the same and in the end they miss out on seeing a much more beautiful picture then what they see.

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