Steven Universe Future Boy Zoltron Review and Map Thoughts

When I watched this episode I first thought it was filler from the way it was presenting itself, though as soon as the story wrapped up I understood why this wasn’t the case, this episode wasn’t educating the viewer but teaching Steven.

Steven accidently breaks a future telling robot machine and has to repay Mr. Smiley so he takes the Robots place and tells people futures making them happy in the process but then he meets a man called Mr. Frowny who just’s really down in the dumps, Steven doesn’t know how to answer his question as he has never seen this man before making his questions rather difficult to answer, so he asks Garnet if he could borrow her future vision and when he try to give him an answer that will make him happy all the outcomes he can see are ending the same way for him.

That can be the case for people with depression, as there depression can make it seem that every route they take ends unhappily and even when other people try to help them they eventually see this too and eventually give up on them leaving them to there own abyss of darkness.

When Mr. Frowny hears that there is nothing but sadness in his future he gives ups seeing his friend and just leaves, then Mr. Smiley appears as and after a brief conversation we learn that Mr. Frowny and him were in fact a comedy duo but Mr. Frowny was always sad off and on the stage no matter what Mr. Smiley did to make him happy he was always sad,

Steven then goes to say “You were always trying to make him happy, did he even know that he was making you sad.” With those words it lights up a fire in Mr. Smiley racing off to find Mr. Frowny, reaching the bus stop there’s a few laughs between the to, then they get into the deep part of their relationship discussing how things were between them and why being together did just not work out for either of them, Mr. Frowny wanted Mr. Smiley to take the act serioulsy and Mr. Smiley wanted Mr. Frowny to have fun, but Mr. Frowny can’t seem to have fun at all then Mr. Smiley breaks out there old act and strangely Mr. Frowny plays along,then at the end of the act he laughs and says “he finally got the joke.’ Leaving on a happy note.

Steven learns an important lesson from this exchange, all though the future may look as if there is only certain ways things can end, it doesn’t mean it has to that way which is a beautiful lesson for anyone to learn.

Now that parts over and done with let’s talk about what Zoltron said right before he broke 16, 47 and W, many say these are map coordinates and that may be right. I put the coordinates into and I got this:

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 2.53.20 PM

I then checked this against the world map and buddy’s map that I have sourced from O’pearl on Reddit. From one interpretation of the facts we can determine there is nothing there, another way to determine this is that whatever’s there was top secret not meant for anyones eyes or maybe it has nothing to do with the diamonds but maybe something to do with Rose?

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 3.20.20 PM

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 2.38.53 PM



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