Pink Diamonds Location Theory

For as Long as I could remember many have wondered what the fate of pink diamond was, many have speculated on what happened to her, from the odd to the extreme, finally in Back to the Moon we find out the truth from Army, that Pink Diamond was shattered by Rose Quartz, when I heard this I did not believe it, then in later episodes I found supporting statements that led me to believe that Rose never shattered Pink and during this time I believe I have found out what the weapon was that made gems corrupted along with Pink Diamonds location.

But before we get into that I must first explain why I do not believe that Rose shattered Pink Diamond.

The reason for this is what Eyeball said in Bubbled, she says she had seen Pink Diamond being shattered by Rose quartz, but how reliable is this information, Steven and the crystal gems managed to fool all the Ruby’s before making them believe something that was obviously not true while all the while the truth was staring them in the face, so it would not be hard to fool Eyeball into believing that she was shattered with little provocation, it would also seem from the information that I have she was the only person on the base besides Pink Diamond and Rose Quartz so no one could collaborate her story and her memory seems fuzzy, for during her talk with Steven she comments the only clear memory of Rose was her huge sword.

Roses sword cannot be used to destroy another gem, we learn in the episode Bismuth, that roses sword can cut through a gems physical body in a instant destroying the body but never the gem, she could have used a different sword but what Garnet said eluded to a different ending.

Steven asks Garnet, if it is true did Rose actually shatter Pink Diamond. Garnet says that ‘Rose didn’t always do what was best for her but she always did what was best for Earth’, she never actually says that Rose Shattered Pink Diamond leaving the question open ended.

It is plausible that she was never shattered at all. So if she wasn’t shattered what happened to her, where is she? Well we have to back track to the mural on the wall in the spaceship.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 8.35.35 PM

From the way the mural is drawn we clearly see a figure that looks awfully similar to Rose Quartz and she is using a diamond to protect the gems behind her from what I now believe is a fusion between White Diamond, Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond.

As we know from the episode the answer and jailbreak, it has been a reinforced statement that fusion is frowned down upon on home world as it is seen as a cheap tactic to make weak gems stronger, though from the actions of Jasper we do know that even most prideful of gems would fuse to win. This would also explain the diamonds secret weapon that causes corruption in gems, as Sardonyx says in know your fusion ‘a fusion gets something new’ and also goes on to say ‘a fusion is full of surprises’. As we have not yet seen the full strength of the diamonds we have yet to grasp their powers but from what little information has been dropped they are likened to gods. There fusion could very well create a grand weapon that can corrupt other gems.

It also elaborates on Pearls comment about the corruption from the diamonds, she never indicates a weapon was used to cause corruption, but from the diamonds themselves. Centi even remarks she heard singing right before her corruption took place and as we know weapons don’t sing, gems do though. So how did Rose defeat such a weapon, well I have news for you she had help from Pink Diamond.

I am not saying she joined Rose in her fight, what I am saying is that Rose used Pink Diamonds power to defend Earth, by force, as we remember in the mural a figure is holding a diamond using it fight off what I now consider a fusion between all the Diamonds.

But what is Pink Diamonds power and how could it have defeated a Diamond fusion, from the mural and from Rose’s gem weapon I can speculate that Pink Diamond has a similar power to hers, a shield like power but on a larger scale as she is a Diamond, I theorize this shield weapon can protect anyone from any attack no matter how strong they are but there is a catch to the power she can only do it when she is in her gem.

So during the deployment of the fusion weapon Rose was forced to use Pink Diamond as a shield to protect herself and her comrades from their corruption.

After the rebellion was said and done Rose had no idea what to do with her anymore, she couldn’t let anyone know that she was still around as others might find out the truth and Pink diamond would still have authority over the earth, thus the Diamonds would still have claim over the planet turning it into that monstrosity of a colony.

So Rose hid her away but where did she put her, there was only one bubbled gem in Lion and we would have seen a diamond in the burning room (that gem we see in the room is not a diamond, it’s the gem from season 1 episode 8, the lights hitting it rather changing the colour), where oh where could she be, well you know the saying hidden in plain sight don’t you.


Rose hid her in the sky arena behind  her own symbol because she did not have the heart to shatter Pink Diamond but could not keep her close for fear that someone may find Pink Diamond, this way no one could find her and she would be safe because who would look in an old broken down sky arena for Pink Diamond it’s is the unlikeliest of places, this is all just a theory but is plausible given the evidence I have collected.













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