From The Past To The Future

To Whom It May Concern:,

I am writing this as a warning to the future generations, so they don’t commit the same folly we have. You must learn from our mistakes don’t fall in to the same traps.

An epidemic doesn’t have to start off scary nor does it have to be a virus that inwardly attacks your system it can attack externally and it can start off being something that was meant to make your life better. It was always their controlling our lives’ but we didn’t know how deeply until the launch of the smart phones. It all started so simply a little box where you could watch movies, go on the internet, play games, text, listen to music or go on social media outlets. This small little box could do just about anything and it was all meant to make your life better. I didn’t notice at first as I was so wrapped up in my own problems that I couldn’t see what was happening right before me. People were losing themselves to their iPhones, whether they were walking down the street or just sitting down for a coffee, they were consumed by this little metal box, they couldn’t put it down. That’s when the deaths started. On October 2015 a women by the name of Laura Siou was walking home from school and fell off a bridge hit her head on a rock and drowned. It wasn’t till later that they found out what really happened, she was on her iPhone watching a movie when a part of the bridge fell apart. She would have lived if she had been looking up. Everybody thought that this could never happen to them, that they were more careful then that girl but they were wrong. Throughout the year more incidents like these occurred – people walking across the street and getting flattened like a pancake because they were too busy looking at their iphone and not checking the road before crossing. For others it was iPhone related car accidents. People spending so much time on social media they forgot to go to work. And in one case a mother shook her child to death as she wanted him to stop crying so that she could play her game without interruptions. I would like to say this is when people woke up and noticed how the real world was slowly merging into a virtual zone, how we were quickly becoming zombies to the digital world. The real world was never meant to be digital. We were always meant to experience the world with others face-to-face and never alone. People wouldn’t wake up until a year later when the Combat Death Squad deaths occurred also known as The Silent Day.

On the 15th of October 2017 a game called Combat Death Squad was released. It was one of the highest grossing app games on the market place. Everyone was playing it – they couldn’t put it down. Then five days days later the games online community went dead silent, not a text to another character, no

one murdering each other online. All their characters just stood there like they were in purgatory – it was just dead silence, It wasn’t long before they found all the gamers dead at their iPhones and tablets. The game was so addictive that people playing them didn’t eat, didn’t sleep, didn’t do anything but play that game for hours and hours till their bodies finally gave up. It was reported as one of the world’s biggest gaming tragedies, over 9000 million people died worldwide.

The world was in uproar, the manufacturers of Combat Death Squad were being sued by the victims families for loss of life and other damages and were being charged with first-degree murder by the D.A. People were calling for their blood as the victims family’s picketed outside the court house. They would have been sent to jail and the world would have changed the laws that govern the game world, but they were sneaky and put a clause in the user agreement that stated they were not liable for any deaths related to playing the game nor were they responsible for how addictive the game is. After the evidence was shown to the judge the Combat Death Squad case was thrown out of court, they got off scot-free. It was then sent through every social media outlet in the world. Later that night a group called K.T.R.W.R otherwise known as Keep The Real World Real, broke into each perpetrators mansions and killed everyone – the wives, children and servants. This was the start of the war, – the war between the online world and the real world. After that the attacks got more aggressive. They decided that smartphones were just a symptom of a larger sickness, the internet, so they started bombing gaming HQs, taking down online websites, breaking the arms of student web designers, game designers and app designers. The K.T.R.W.R was trying to squash out the internet altogether. From what I understand now I think they believed that killing the people directly associated with the internet, social media outlets and game making would save lives. A part of me (a very small part) believed in them. Many people praised the K.T.R.W.R but people also condemned their actions as well believing they were too radical and over the top. It was after one of their worst attacks on a web convention where over 600 people died that web designers, game designers and app designers decided they needed to fight back as the police weren’t doing anything to save them. They used their internet prowess and after sifting through the internet they found the headquarters of K.T.R.W.R. Now I don’t know what was going through their heads when they decided to hack into U.S.A military defense systems and attack them with missiles. What I can tell you is that they thought they were doing the right thing. They thought that by taking these people out they would stop them forever and they would not be able to hurt anymore of their friends. From that one action, the war between the real world and the digital world officially ended and another war began. From that stupid action the world was plunged into turmoil, as America didn’t know who hacked their servers. They accused everyone and America was accused of firing on it’s self. Then somehow every Nation was accusing each other-it was a domino effect that no one could stop. By the time the hackers came forward and admitted what they did it was too late for any peace between nations. It was if the bomb opened up all the resentment and hate that every country had held for each other. Every Nation went to war with each other. There were no allies, each country was on it’s own it was World War 3. The U.N broke down into a blood bath, no negations could be made, embargoes were placed on every nation. A lot of nations lived on exporting and importing items, many economies collapsed in on themselves and people began to riot in the streets pillaging and murdering each other just trying to survive one more day. Other countries became self-sufficient and brought back old trades and their economy flourished. As the war progressed things became worse, in some countries people were being murdered in the streets for just a rumor of being a spy. Others who were accused of being a spy weren’t so lucky, they were tortured for days, even months, before they succumbed to the sweet song of death. Nations were bombing each other not caring for The Geneva Convention not caring how many innocent lives were lost in the process or what kind of damage they were doing to the world. This anarchy went on for years. During those years I was many things – a solider, a nurse, a cook, a comedian, a thief, a war correspondent, so many things I can’t even believe them myself sometimes. It felt as though the war would go on forever, a never ending war that would stretch from here to eternity, in which our children’s, children will also fight. I remember when Australia invaded the U.S.A, I was first off the boat when we landed in Chicago. I remember guns firing and smoke bombs being thrown – I couldn’t tell a friend from an enemy as I fired off my weapon. As the dust settled I opened my eyes and saw the streets of Chicago run red. Later I learned they were civilian’s trying to flee America – they thought they could try to bargain with us so they could go to a safe place. As apparently the government had abandoned Chicago and after I learned that I couldn’t stop throwing up. I was no longer a solider at this point, I was a murderer… Sorry, I don’t really want talk about what I did when I was a solider. This will be my only verse about it; I am too ashamed of what I did during the war. We only occupied Chicago for a year then we were forced to retreat as China came in and took the land. The war was much like that for everyone – invading a little land then being pushed back home again. Nothing really changed just a lot of people died who shouldn’t have died either by being in the cross fire of a shoot out or by starvation. Nearly all food sources were destroyed when the bombs dropped, so people joined the army for food. The army promised food for anyone who fought for them – the government certainly knew what buttons to push to get people to fight for them. Then one day we got a message in the form of a text telling us the war was over. No one had the means to continue fighting anymore as everyone had used all their resources and so they were all forced to put down their weapons and stop fighting. All this fighting for nothing, all the wasted lives that the war took we didn’t know what the death toll was, but we knew it was a lot. A year later we discovered what the worlds death toll was – 4.3 billion people because of this pointless war. What was truly sad about the death toll was that 3.7 billion of those deaths were civilians, people who didn’t want anything to do with war. To be honest though, neither did I, as well as a lot of the people who fought. The landscape of the world was forever changed. France became a desolate wasteland where nothing grew and with radiation levels so high no one can live there for another 200 years. Iraq and Iran no longer existed instead they became one nation called Irauan. Apparently when everyone’s fighting against you, you have to stick with your brother country, turns out all they needed was a big war to push the two together. China collapsed having 32 million people addicted to the internet was not ideal during war time.

America was a disaster. During the World War 3 they had a civil war and the country split into two factions – the internet haters and the internet users. England went back to being a true monarchy and the social structure that had been abolished had returned. Australia was always alone and so far away from everything and had not suffered as much as the other countries. It still had its problems, as any country does after a war, after all Australia already had a small population before the war, now though it was cut in half. I never knew that getting back to our civilian lives was going to be so hard. I dreamed of this for so long, I didn’t remembered how I lived my life before. For so long we had been fighting to stay alive and no one knew what to do with those lives now, we were lost. We had given our lives to our country many of us did not expect to see tomorrow. There were a lot of suicides after the war as so many of us were ashamed of ourselves and what we had done. Usually when someone goes to war it is to fight for freedom or for peace. The war we fought was just because nationals finally had enough of each other and they decided to have an all out war – that is not a good war to fight. This war had no winners, everyone had lost and everyone who fought could feel how pointless this war was, the war was for naught.

It took many years and so much work to fix the world, make things right with nations. Because of this things are slowly starting to go back to the way things were before the war. I am afraid, very afraid that the future generations will make the same mistake that we have. So I’m writing this letter to anyone who might listen- so they may learn from the past and learn not to put their lives in a little metal box. It’s a tool to be used- not a tool to use you.

A Past Echo.

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