Rose Quartz Made On Earth

Bismuth was a delight to watch, as soon as I saw the promo I couldn’t wait for this to air so I have waited and waited and waited for this episode and when it was finally here I was shocked, not because bismuth was bubbled by Rose not because she made a weapon that was designed for killing rather than disaraming when the crystal gems fight peacfuly without wanting to kill anyone, no. What shocked me was when  Bismuth said, “another quartz solider made right here in the dirt.”

If I am understanding this correctly Rose emerged on earth, on freaking earth rather than on homeworld and that honestly shocked me, all this time I thought she was born on home world but this is a shocker, this is a game changer, this changes everything I knew.

Originally it was a fan theory that Rose became sick and tired of the destruction Home World caused and eventually rebelled against them as her soft loving heart couldn’t take it, but if she was made on Earth then we have a whole knew understanding for her love for the planet. To her it’s just not another planet to conquer and make into a colony it’s her home.





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