Thermoplastics Information

Thermoplastics are a cosplayers best friend but finding the right thermoplastic for the right job is quite difficult for first time users, so I have compiled a list of thermoplastics explaining what each of them do.

What you will need:

When working with thermoplastics you will need a heat gun and a tile to work on so that you don’t burn a hole through your table. When you turn off the heat gun put it on the stand otherwise you will burn through the table.

Important and Useful Information:

  • Do not use the heat gun for soft shape
  • You can use a steamer to manipulate thermoplastics
  • Melting point for thermoplastics is 70 degrees


Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 12.59.59 AM.png


Worbla shapes quickly and takes 1 minute to harden, warble can be pulled, stretch and thinned. You cannot ruin this thermoplastic. This thermoplastic can be pulled apart and if the warble is kept flat you can re-shape the warble. Any warble left over you can heat up and merge them together by pushing the pieces into each other to create a new sheet.


Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 12.55.16 AM

Important and Useful Information:

  • Does not break.
  • Lighter than worbla
  • Silk becomes coarse when covered in wonderflex.

Wonderflex has a gimp, this means you can pull and stretch the wonder flex but it does not break, you can stick fabric on each side as when if you apply enough heat (the material has glue on both sides). It can be re-heated and re-shaped as many times as necessary. When painted it has a metallic look on one side and on the other side gives a dragon scale look. If this is being used to mould then both sides of this thermoplastic must be wet for moulding.

Wonder White and Sugar Board

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 12.56.48 AMScreen Shot 2016-08-03 at 12.59.12 AM

Important and Useful Information:

  • If the fabric is too thin the glue will show on the fabric

Wonder White and Sugar Board are basically the same with one difference, white can only handle light weight fabrics and brown can handle heavier fabrics. Both these thermoplastics have glue on them though only on one side the other side is fabric the other glue.

Plastic Fantastic

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 1.00.45 AM.png

Plastic Fantastic can stretch 3 times it’s normal shape when it is heated, the thermoplastic can return to original form when put back into hot water then wait for it to become normal then put it on a towel and dry it.

Cobra Cast

Cobra Cast becomes mouldable when heated to temperatures over 80 degrees. It can be activated over dry or wet heat. Cobra cast is mouldable after 5 minutes of heating. It can also be re-heated and remoulded. When you put cobra cast into boiling water goes completely soggy and holds to a certain shape.


FOSSAHPE is light weight and breathable, it is mold and mildew resistant. Is easily cut with scissors and does not fray or ravel like normal fabrics… FOSSAHPE is harder to stitch so you need a leather needle. You can merge FOSSAHPE  together.






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