Gem Hunt Theory: How Jasper Becomes Corrupted

From the current information leaks of Steven Universe there has been many saying that Jasper is going to be corrupted in future episodes. Originally I did not believe this as I could not see how it was going to happen and the picture leaks of corrupted Jasper seemed quite fake.

Then today I saw some of the leaked footage of Gem Hunt. With this recent leak I have to say that this theory of Jaspers corruption is worth exploring as I know have enough meat for a decent theroy. Now how did she become corrupted in the first place, I explored how corruption taken place in my post Steven Universe Monster Reunion Thoughts and Theories when I mentioned the Diamonds must have caused the corruption with there EMP styled weapon, but how is this possible when the Diamonds are not even on Earth, am I saying that they are coming to Earth or that I was completely wrong in my assumption on how corrupted gems are made, I not saying either of those things, what I am suggesting is that there is more than one way to corrupt a gem.

Before I can get into the bones of how there is another way corruption takes place, we must first explore what Jasper does to bring this corruption onto her self, yes I said onto herself. As you remember at alone at sea Jasper wants to fuse back with Lapis as she wants to become powerful again but can’t as Lapis doesn’t want to go back into that bad fusion, so she punches her out to sea. Although Jasper is now gone from this episode she still wants to fuse though to become powerful again, she desperately wants it as in Alone At Sea she is begging to go back to being malachite, to being powerful as she puts it.

So what is more powerful than a fusion, a corrupted fusion. As we have seen corrupted gems are strong mindless creatures capable of immense destruction. Envision that destructive power with a mind to go with it. Thus this is the way Jasper will be corrupted, she won’t be able to handle the corrupted counter part. Imagine if you will a rotten egg, now put that rotten egg into a mixture and stir it all around and so now the entire mixture is corrupted. The hole batter is tainted by that singular bad egg.

The most important part of this, is the leaks of the episode Gem Hunt. On the left we see  a corrupted gem creature that looks a lot like Jasper fused with another gem. On the right Jasper is holding a gem that looks a little to much like the creature on the left for it to be a coincidence.


Steven Universe seems to be following the train of thought that corruption can also happen when fusion is completed with a corrupted gem. When Gem Hunt emerges I would not be surprised that this going to be how Jasper becomes corrupted.


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