Steven Universe Monster Reunion Thoughts and Theories

So I have just finished watching Steven Universe Monster Reunion and I can honestly say it is the most informative episode yet. So far in the Summer of Steven it seems to filled with filler and unimportant side stories, but this episode is like a big fat hippo of important information.

When I first learned about the corrupted gems I wondered why Rose couldn’t fix them, then in later episodes I learnt that Rose did in fact try to help them but couldn’t. I wondered about that for a while and thought it would not be addressed and be left as a major plot hole.

Finally it has been described on how corrupted gems are made, originally I had thought they were made with some kind of machine or that they saw something that fractured them on the inside.

I was partially correct in this anyalis as Garnet describes it. “If Mc Bear Bear didn’t tear the fabric of his arm but the fabric of his mind.” With this we learn that Rose’s power could only fix external injuries and not the internal ones. Further through we learn who caused her to be corrupted but not exactly how.

From pearls statement. “Damage from the Diamonds.” The root cause of this inward corruption leads back to the Diamonds. How they are made that way is still a mystery but I have a small theory about that. The way that centipedle describes the weapon that was used on her it seem to be some type of EMP, large mass effecting and targets everything. This weapon could be a part of the diamonds abilities as they have yet to address there powers in the series yet or it could be Pink Diamonds power.

In centipedles drawing of the diamonds, one diamond is missing. Pink Diamond, this could either mean that the Diamonds used Pink Diamond as a weapon to destroy the rebels or possibly used by Rose to defeat the Diamonds. In the episode Serious Steven, when we first enter the spaceship we see a person who looks a lot like Rose using a Diamond to shield herself from what appears to be Yellow Diamond.

It could possibly be that Rose used Pink Diamond  to protect herself and her comrades from the Diamonds EMP styled weapon.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 8.35.35 PM

Wether Pink Diamond later joined by her own free will or was forced is still up for debate, as we know in the flashback in The Answer she was not there with Rose and Pearl it was just the two of them.

At the end of episode we are left with a few answers and a few more questions, I cannot wait for tomorrow to see what happens next.



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