My Disney Audition

Hello readers yesterday I auditioned for Disney in Melbourne (the audition was for Tokyo but I auditioned here in Melbourne I just thought I should clarify that)

I only made it to the first round in the audition process, but I thought I could share my experience for anyone who wants to audition in Australia.I got there at 8:30am although registration was open from 9 to 10. I didn’t want to be late, as it is better to be early than to be late.

When I arrived at the building there were about 5 people waiting, we were let in at 8:45am although we had to wait for registration which was 15 minutes away.

Registration was open from 9-10 and at the end of registration there was about a 100 people there, not as much as I thought, I heard from previous experiences that there was usually about 300 people who show up to these auditions.

We were then split into 3 groups, I was in the first group so I went in right away. We had to learn a dance which I had great problems with as I was stuck right in the back squished between many people, I could barely see the dance preformed, we practiced the dance about 4 times before we were then spilt again into groups of 4 where we danced.

I missed a few steps but the smile upon my face shone out, only five people from my group made it to the next round. It was good experience and I learnt what was expected of me if I wanted to audition again.

To anyone who wants to audition for Disney remember to:

  • Wear makeup so that they can see the best of you.
  • Wear tight fitted clothes so the judges can see your body.
  • Wear proper foot wear.

And for all those other girls and guys who want to audition remember to always wear a smile because even if your foots out of place a smile never is.

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