Interview With A Stripper

Early this year in March I was on a film set, now as a part of the back stage crew we tended to have a lot of down time, because once the cameras were rolling we stayed as far away as possible incase we accidentally ended up in the shot. During my down time I was talking to one of the actress on the film and it turns out that when she wasn’t acting she was stripping. Now my reaction to this information was a little bit of shock and a whole lot of curiosity and luckily for me she was willing to answer my questions. Due to her requests I am going to call the stripper Sally.

E: “Do you strip down to nothing?”

Sally: “We go completely bare.”

E: “Where do you put the money?”

Sally: “I have elastic bands around our wrists where I slip the money in, I don’t wear a garter as garters can slip down and in the end I make it rain.”

E: “What kind of body types do you work with.”

Sally: “All types.”

E: “Do you have to pay the club?”

Sally: “As I work during the day I don’t have to pay the club, those who work during the night have to pay the club to strip, usually they pay about $500.”

E: “Does your Mum know that you strip?”

Sally: “No, but I think she is getting suspicious.”

E: “How much do you make?”

Sally: “About $1500 each time I strip, give or take a couple hundred.”

E: “Why did you start stripping?”

Sally: “I can choose my hours so I am able to do what I love and I make enough money to live off of.”

E: “Do the guys feel as though they have been cheated?”

Sally: “Some do and think they are owed by the stripper to give more but most understand how things are going to go.”

E: “Are you ever afraid for your life?”

Sally: “No, the club has great security and they always walk me too my car even if it’s during the daytime.”

Sally said to me at the end of the interview that she was glad she could dispel and rumours about stripping. To all those who wanted to asks strippers questions yet couldn’t find one, I hope that your questions have been answered today.





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