Head of Wardrobe 10 "I wish I knew"

As an aspiring costumer, finding work is hard here in Melbourne is hard, but not impossible. For the first time I was head of wardrobe in a theater production, it was an experience that was much needed as I have only ever been an assistant on films. During my short stint down below in the wardrobe department I learned what you need to make a play work, here is a short list I have compiled of what I wish I had known before I began my job.

  1. Do not trust the help the director has hired, before the production starts make sure they live close and drive, otherwise you are getting a person who is unreliable and will not show up when you need them.
  2. Do not buy lint rollers from $2 shops, as it will break down before its time.
  3. If your working with cotton fabrics get fabulon to get the fabric stiffer for longer.
  4. Work experience students are great for free labor, get them.
  5. Target clothing does not last long, you shall need too replace it every few days or repair it depending on the damage done to the garment.
  6. Communication is key, do not be afraid to ask the director what is being supplied at the theater.
  7. Get towels (Trust me you need towels).
  8. Scrap fabric (you will never know when you will need a piece of fabric)
  9. Rack dividers that are made of plastic (cardboard bends and tears to easily).
  10. Always have someone else do a last check of the wardrobe room, you always will leave something behind, you won’t be able to tell what it is because you are so tired.

Those are my ten things I wish I knew before I began my stint as the head of wardrobe, I hope you have learned something, I sure have.

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